Anonymous: why not? i'd love to see you grind a pillow :)

It’s not a pillow grind it’s a video I took of me warming up to dance from when i was stoned and practicing my “flow”.

Kind of want to post a video of me just doing my thang but like…. Idk

Anonymous: I've got a question that you might be able to answer. I love having a bush but I like to shave it so there's just bit there... But do you know how I can avoid razor burn? It happens seriously like 80% of the time and it makes me sad

That’s the way to go! Haha I like to shave just certain parts cause’ sometimes the hair gets in my lips and I get sosososo itchy, it’s not fun.

A good shave begins with good skin. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and using a body lotion/oil daily. I find the more hydrated the skin is the easier it is to shave.
My technique for shaving is probably a lot different than most so just be open! I draw myself a hot/warm bath and sit in there for awhile, usually I take this time to wash my hair and put in my conditioner. You want to let your pores open and your hair follicles soften so that’s why it’s best to wait just a few minutes. I then shave upward (but I recommend downward since you’re prone to the burn) while my vagina is still submerged underwater, I’m not sure why but anytime I shave underwater I never end up having razor burn. NEVER. If you’re concerned about getting any burn from doing this you can always just lather your pubes up with moisturizing soap/oil (I recommend goats milk soap or coconut oil) and then shave while partially covered by water.

Hope this helps :3