Anonymous: did you live with your family?

Did? I still do.

Anonymous: I wish to ride you like the majestic lady you are.


Anonymous: First i want to sit you down and start to lick your clit and finger your tight pussy. I want to make you cum all over my face, then i want to lay down and make you sit on top of me, jumping up and down. Begging for my cock. And then i want to get you on your knees so you can suck on my balls until i need to cum then ill explode all over your face.

I didn’t even finish reading this and I’m already throwing up.

Anonymous: If I wanted to send u nudes. But private. How would u react or what u will do #germanenglish I'm sorry

Ich spreche sehr kleine deutsch. Ich tun nicht jeder Hahn bilder wollen. Tut mir leid

Meine deutsch ist schlect):

Anonymous: can we see your pussy pls?

Patience is a virtue

Anonymous: You're body is amazing