Anonymous: Do you consider 5.6 inches as a small one?

No. 5 inches is the average length of a penis.

And all that aside you shouldn’t even be concerned about the size of your dick but the game of your dick.

Anonymous: So.. Um.. A Pansexual eh? Does that mean you are sexually attracted to pans?(like frying pans.) or are you into guys/girls who hold frying pans? If so, (I'm just gonna try my luck here) I can be pretty attractive holding/standing next to a pan, I also happen to cook a very mean pancake that would turn you/me/us/both on sexually. Does that make me a Pansexual as well? If that was not what it meant, you should punish me, I'd be more than happy for you to bend me over and spank me with a pan.

Dude, step up your game this was so lame!

Anonymous: do you go outdoors naked?

Yes, but hardly. I don’t get many opportunities. It’s so sad):

Anonymous: The way your hips curve, The shape of your breasts. The colour of your nipples. You are the embodiment of: Perfection, Lust, And desire.

Oh my, this was quite passionate.

Anonymous: Do you like bondage?

I’m starting to get a lot more interested in it, so yeah. I want to be tied up and used and get a nice collar and be a bad kitty for someone :3

Anonymous: i jerk off outside buttnaked into a sock over you

This is so specific.lmfao

Tongue Tied - Grouplove